At SWORD Engineering we offer a bespoke service from initial enquiry through to installation and training. We understand no two clients have the same requirements, so whether you need a new plant, a system upgrade or a one-off conveyor, we offer a customised, cost-effective solution tailored to your individual needs.

Here is a summary of the services we provide, no matter how small or large your project:

  • Site Survey
  • Project Management
  • Design & Layout in 3D using SolidWorks
  • Fabrication
  • Controls
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Post-Installation Support
  • Documentation & Training
  • Spares


Over time, it’s likely that your business priorities will change, as will the needs and requirements of your customers. It’s important that your materials recycling facility can be adapted to suit these changing needs, to ensure you can continue to offer the best possible services in these changing times.
SWORD Engineering will work with you to improve and enhance your existing facility. Our aim is to ensure you get the most from your equipment no matter who the original supplier – advising on the most suitable solutions for your facility, as well as manufacturing and installing the new plant equipment with minimal disruption to your existing operation.


As competition between waste management companies continues to intensify, MRF owners are keen to find ways to improve both the financial and operational performance of their materials recycling facilities. Our technicians are experts at MRF optimisation services. Whether it’s reducing your processing costs, enhancing purity levels or introducing more robust management systems, we can help you to deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

Sorting System/PLANT Performance Diagnosis

Our team of experts can carry out a complete performance diagnosis of your MRF sorting system or plant and suggest ways to optimise operations and savings.
Our engineers examine every detail of your facility, from the equipment you use to the plant layout, processing efficiency and even staff training opportunities.

• Detailed proposal with innovative solutions for improving output

• Optimized performance and reduced operating costs

• System evaluation targeting efficiency improvement possibilities

Relocation Services

Whether you are moving your entire plant to a new site or have a single machine to relocate, we can help you move your equipment quickly and cost effectively. At SWORD Engineering our skilled electrical and mechanical engineers are specialists in moving heavy machinery and plant equipment, offering a professional dismantling, removal and reinstallation service anywhere within the UK. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure minimal disruption during this time.

If you would like to discuss any of our products or services in more detail please contact us at or 01939 234994